Hello! I'm Brittany. 


I am a nurse by trade, but I’ve always had a creative, entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up, I remember hosting lemonade stands and bake sales….. at one point, I created greeting cards out of scrapbook supplies and sold them to friends and family. I also expressed myself musically through playing saxophone and performing in recitals and concerts. I’ve always had that artistic itch. I was more "myself" when I was creating something. When it came time to choose a major for college, I went with the safe option….healthcare. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love helping people, especially in times of need. I worked in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit for 7 beautiful years and loved every single second of it. I celebrated milestones with families of premature infants…..I comforted patients who had become close friends as they said goodbye to their precious baby entirely too soon. I witnessed countless miracles firsthand and I truly believe that I was right where I needed to be for those 7 years. 

In that time, my grandmother became ill and passed away. She was my best friend and biggest inspiration. I was her only grandchild and our bond was incredibly powerful. I truly believe my creativity was sparked and nurtured by her. I vividly remembers spending summers at her house crafting at the kitchen table. We would create Christmas ornaments, water color paintings, pottery and whatever our hearts desired. While I never had the chance to learn to sew or quilt with granny, she created many quilts on her own....which were later passed down to me.

When she passed away, I inherited most of her crafting supplies, including her 1970s mint green sewing machine. At that point, I never had the desire to sew or quilt (I didn’t even know how to turn on a sewing machine), but I felt almost a magnetic pull to this unknown craft, as it felt like it was the *one* skill that we never tackled together. This was my chance to connect with her memory and learn something new in the process. I knew nothing about this mysterious craft, but the learning process proved to be both fun and therapeutic. I quickly taught myself the skills necessary to create my first quilt, which happened to be a memory quilt using my favorite of Granny’s blouses.

Over the next year, I completely immersed myself in quilting really grew my skills leaps and bounds. Friends and family started asking for quilts and other sewn projects, which is what led me to open up my shop in 2017. In between 12 hour shifts at the hospital, I was sewing and quilting non-stop. I eventually got to the point where I had developed my own quilting "look" and style, but I wasn't really seeing that in any of the quilt patterns that I was making. I had a dream that I could create my own unique vibe in the world of quilting, so I started designing my own collection of quilts. I released my first quilt pattern in the fall of 2017, which was truly the start of Lo & Behold Stitchery.

Since then, I’ve released 20+ quilt patterns that are in both paper and digital format that offer a wide range of skills and designs. My patterns can also be found in various quilt shops throughout the US and internationally.

In 2019, we started offering a variety of quilt kits and fabric bundles in our shop. Choosing fabrics is one of my favorite parts of the quilting process, so helping quilters confidently create quilts that they love brings me so much joy! 

My husband, Peter joined the Lo & Behold team full time in the Spring of 2020. His roles include shipping, distributor fulfillment, bundle assembly and bookkeeping. He also keeps us fed, so I am very thankful for that. :)

In the fall of 2020, I (very bittersweetly) hit "pause" on nursing to nurture Lo & Behold full time. Since then, I've launched Beginner Quilting Academy, an online course for beginner quilting. I look forward to many more patterns and courses to come. :)







I never felt more nurtured and inspired than when I was creating at my grandmother's house. With her, we celebrated everything single thing that we made together. She made me feel like I had so much beauty and value to add to the world, and that is my goal for you. Through unique quilt patterns, thoughtfully curated fabric ideas and quilting education we aim to inspire, empower and encourage others to create beauty in the world through the art of quilting. 



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  • Juried Quilts: QuiltCon 2019 - Interwoven quilt, Shades of Citrus quilt, Mountain Horizon quilt
  • Juried Quilts: QuiltCon 2020 - Interwoven quilt, Model Farm quilt




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