Quilt Photography Company

Quilt Photography Company

I first heard about Quilt Photography Company several months ago when I stumbled across their Instagram account. I was immediately intrigued by the flat lay quilt photos on a crisp, white background.  

They were actually looking for brand ambassadors at the time. Since I was interested in hiring them anyways, I applied! A few weeks later, I was notified that I was accepted. *insert happy dance*

Next was the fun part, I chose three quilts to have her photograph. She makes the process really easy by creating an online submission form. First, you fill out your information and details about your quilt. Then you pay, and print a packing slip to include with your quilt. Next you ship your quilt to her ( I like to print my shipping labels via PayPal, and I also like to pack my quilt in a water-tight bag inside the box).

Once she receives the quilt, she lets you know that she has it in her possession, which is much appreciated! Then, based on what package you purchased, she photographs your quilt! She typically has the photos ready in about two weeks time. She then mails your quilts back to you and voila!

Overall, I’ve been so impressed with Amy’s professionalism and timeliness. She has always been very helpful and I am so thankful for her services! And I’m so excited that she’s now photographed all of my quilt pattern cover quilts!

If you are interested in her services, she also does detail shots and folded shots. Check out her website for more details, and be sure to mention that I sent you! :)